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Words from our patients

  • facebook

    Dr. Amy has done several successful Prolotherapy procedures on my husband and myself. She is a master at pain control. Very pleasant office.

    Shelley H
  • facebook

    I have been seeing Dr. Amy for about 1 year and am very pleased that she has been able to help me with what I am told is Fibromyalgia by the medical community.

    Rick J
  • facebook

    Unlike most doctors, she strives to heal the root of your issues. She has kept with me through many years of my difficult illness, when most other doctors threw me away.

    AliciaKay R
  • Google

    I want to tell the world how much Dr. Haynes has helped me! Without her and her knowledge and support ( both emotional and supplemental) I would have been at a loss.

    Blossom S