Buteyko Breathing Method


"Why would I need to re-learn how to breathe?”

Although we think we must be pretty good at breathing by now, most people actually tend to be chronic hyperventilators. Without proper breath we die, we age, we have symptoms of all sorts as cellular function slows down and creates de-regulation in our body’s abilities to stay within metabolic normals. However, humans are highly adaptable creatures. The respiration centers in our brains have adapted to the increasing levels of stress, pollution, and adrenal dysfunction in our modern world by over-breathing. Hyperventilation is often the underlying cause of asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, allergies, panic and stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, headaches, muscle spasm, fatigue and depression. Through normalizing our breath, we can reset our respiratory centers and improve oxygenation, athletic performance, emotional balance, as well as countless physical complaints.

Buteyko training is a drug-free approach to achieving safe and effective control over asthma, hyperventilation and a myriad of conditions that underlie over-breathing. Using breathing exercises specifically designed to restore normal breathing patterns, the Buteyko method teaches you to control your symptoms. As you practice and incorporate these breathing exercises into your life, your need for medication lessens. While seemingly simple, the Buteyko method often achieves remarkable results for many patients.

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